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After you have stored devices in everHome, these devices can be used in scenes. A scene can be staged. A scene consists of several actions for devices or groups. For example, by staging a scene, the light in the living room can be dimmed, the blinds half closed and the TV set switched on.



A scene can consist of several elements, the order of the elements of a scene can be changed in the everHome portal by moving. You can also store waiting times as elements in a scene.

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For example, if you add the RUNTER action to a scene for the 'Blind' device, then a wait of 10 seconds, then the STOP action for the 'Blind' device, the blinds will be halfway down when the scene is staged.


1. Create a scene

To create a scene, click on the menu item 'Scenes +'. A scene can have multiple elements. Each element switches a device or a group with the stored action. Waiting times can also be used as an element. Enter a name for the scene in the 'Label' field. You can also use the 'SELECT PICTURE' button to select an image for the scene.

Press the 'ADD ACTION' button to add an action to a device or group that will then be displayed when the scene is executed. You can add multiple actions for different devices and groups. When executing the scene, the stored entries in the stored sequence are executed one after the other.

For each action a condition can be deposited. Only if the condition specified is true, the action for the scene element is also executed.

In this example, when the Scene 'My First Scene' is played, the 'Dimmer' device will be set to Brightness (15/15) only if it is between 6:00 am and 10:00 pm.

2. Planning a scene according to time or position of the sun

Scenes can be automated according to the time or position of the sun or manually via the everHome app or everHome portal. Also, the execution of a scene may be deposited in response to an event to a sensor.


3. Watch and cancel a scene

If a scene is staged manually or via a time schedule according to the time or position of the sun or as a reaction, the staging of a scene can be observed in the everHome portal and the everHome app. It is also possible to cancel an ongoing scene there. If a scene is being staged, it is not possible to restart this scene. Furthermore, it is possible to automatically cancel a scene in a reaction (for example to a sensor).

To manually cancel a running scene in the everHome portal, press the 'Cancel' button.

To manually cancel a running scene in the everHome app, press the 'Cancel' button.

If an ongoing scene has been aborted, it can only be restarted by staging it again from the beginning.