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Welcome to everHome - your SmartHome in the cloud

everHome offers a convenient and easy way to turn your home into a SmartHome with the everHome CloudBox and everHome Cloud services. For this purpose, the CloudBox connects your sensors and actuators in the home via the Internet with the everHome Cloud Servers. After the installation of the CloudBox set up your devices with little effort. everHome relies on wireless sensors and actuators from a wide variety of manufacturers, eliminating the hassle of cabling and not having to rely on a single manufacturer for device selection. Most radio sensors and actuators can be installed without the help of a specialist.

Install the everHome app on your mobile devices and add your wireless sensors and actuators to your customer account via the everHome portal. And your devices can be operated manually via the everHome app and everHome portal.

Create time and sun-time schedules to automate your lights and blinds. Add wireless sensors to automatically control devices through reactions. Complete these automations with sensible conditions.

Start with the installation of the cloudBox in your home network.

To control a device with everHome requires an everHome CloudBox on your home network connected to your customer account. You can purchase a CloudBox in our online shop. Depending on the selected everHome package, different manufacturers are available for device selection. Set up everHome according to your personal wishes. Modular, flexible and expandable. How to turn your home into a SmartHome with everHome.