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All sensors and actuators listed as compatible under Compatible Products can be controlled and automated with everHome. For a sensor / actuator to be used with everHome, it must first be added to the everHome portal as a device and, if necessary, trained.

To control a device with everHome requires an everHome CloudBox on your home network connected to your customer account. You can buy a CloudBox in our Online Shop or purchase from one of our RESELLERS. Depending on the selected everHome package, different manufacturers are available for device selection. Depending on the selected everHome package, different numbers of sensors / actuators can be used.



A sensor is a device that sends data to the CloudBox. The CloudBox receives the data from the sensor and forwards it to the everHome server in the cloud. The sensor can use a radio signal (radio sensor) or an IP packet (IP sensor) to transmit the data. An actuator is a device that has actions. These actions can be switched by everHome.