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All sensors and actuators listed as compatible under compatible products can be controlled and automated with everHome. For a netatmo weather station sensor to be used in everHome, this sensor must first be added as a device in the everHome portal. Since a netatmo sensor is integrated into everHome via the netatmo cloud, the corresponding netatmo customer account must be familiar with the e-mail address and password.

To use a netatmo weather station sensor with everHome, the everHome PREMIUM package is required. You can purchase the everHome PREMIUM package in our online shop or upgrade to the PREMIUM package there.

Content of this page

Step-by-step instructions


1. Registration with email address and password

Log in to a browser with your email address and password on the everHome portal. In the everHome portal, all your rooms, devices, groups, scenes, schedules can be easily and conveniently managed.

2. Click on the 'Devices' selection

You may already have devices in addition to your everHome CloudBox. If these devices have been created by the demo mode, you are welcome to delete them.


3. Add one or more netatmo sensors as devices

Add one or more netatmo devices by selecting 'Devices +'.

Select the manufacturer 'netatmo'.

If your netatmo customer account is not yet connected to your everHome customer account, please log in to the netatmo portal page with your netatmo customer account and password.

To do this, press the 'MY NETATMO' button.

4. Connection of your netatmo customer account

Log in with your netatmo customer account.

Press the 'Yes' button to allow everHome access to your netatmo data.

5. Add netatmo sensors as everHome devices

If you have previously connected your netatmo customer account to the everHome customer account, you will now see a list of all your netatmo sensors in your netatmo customer account. If netatmo sensors are listed here that have not yet been added to everHome, you can mark these devices and also create them as everHome devices by clicking on the 'ADD DEVICES' button.

6. Your netatmo devices

Your netatmo devices are now available in the everHome portal.