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everHome offers many ways to turn your home into a SmartHome. The garden irrigation controller allows you to control a multi-zone pipeline irrigation system via everHome and automate irrigation.

GARDENA Pipeline Irrigation is ideal for controlling one or more zones of pop-up sprinklers. This allows different water pipes (pipelines) to be opened and closed individually via solenoid valves. First, each irrigation zone of the pipeline irrigation system in the garden is individually controlled via a solenoid valve. If the GARDENA solenoid valve is supplied with 24 V DC via a HomeMatic radio actuator, the solenoid valve is opened. If the solenoid valve is no longer supplied with power, the solenoid valve is closed. All solenoid valves of the Pipeline Irrigation System can be separately opened and closed via a radio actuator via everHome.

The following describes how to set up irrigation control with the GARDENA Pipeline. To control the GARDENA solenoid valves, the HomeMatic HM-LC-Sw4-WM-2 wireless switch actuator 4-channel is used here. In the same way, a HUNTER Pipeline irrigation system can be controlled via HUNTER solenoid valves and HomeMatic radio actuators via everHome. The control of pipeline irrigation systems from other manufacturers is also possible via everHome.

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Step-by-step instructions


1. Registration with email address and password

Log in to a browser with your email address and password on the everHome portal. In the everHome portal, all your rooms, devices, groups, scenes, schedules can be easily and conveniently managed.

2. Click on the selection 'Rooms'

If the garden whose pipelined irrigation system is to be controlled by everHome is not yet available in the everHome portal, create it under 'Rooms +'. Radio actuators for controlling the solenoid valves of the pipeline Irrigation circuits are assigned to this room in the following.


3. Installation of the GARDENA valve box with GARDENA irrigation valves

Install the required GARDENA irrigation valves in the GARDENA valve box. Per pipeline irrigation circuit you need a GARDENA irrigation valve 24 volts.

 GARDENA Valve Box V1 (Part No. 1254-20) for a GARDENA Irrigation Valve 24 Volt (Item No. 1278-20)

GARDENA Valve Box V3 (Part No. 1255-20) for up to three GARDENA Irrigation Valves 24 Volt (Item No. 1278-20)


GARDENA Irrigation Valve 24 Volt (Item No. 1278-20) for the GARDENA Valve Box V1 or V3

4. Setup of the HomeMatic HM-LC-Sw4-WM-2 radio switch actuator 4-channel

Add the HomeMatic HM-LC-Sw4-WM2 wireless switch actuator for each channel as a device as described in Setting up an 868 MHZ HomeMatic Sensor and Actuator via the everHome portal. Assign the room 'Garden' to the HomeMatic actuator. Thus, there are up to four devices in everHome, each of which can control a GARDENA irrigation valve.

HomeMatic HM-LC-Sw4-WM-2 radio switching actuator 4-channel

The wiring of the HM-LC-Sw4-WM-2 Radio Switch Actuator 4-channel and the GARDENA Irrigation Valve 24 Volt can be found in the manufacturer's operating instructions.


5. Creation of a schedule for opening the irrigation valves

For each channel of the HomeMatic HM-LC-Sw4-WM-2 Wireless Switch Actuator, you have previously created a device in everHome for which you can now schedule irrigation of the respective Pipeline Zone.

To do this, proceed as described under Planning by Time. It is also possible to plan the irrigation of the respective pipeline zones according to the position of the sun as described under Planning according to the position of the sun.