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everHome - SmartHome in the Cloud

What makes a SmartHome out of a house or apartment? This requires an intelligent control system that is able to automate and control recurring processes and also take into account events that occur. Access to the functions of the SmartHome system can also take place outside the home by its inhabitants. The SmartHome is operated by SmartPhone and tablet via an app or the browser.

A SmartHome system covers various application areas


Lighting control

Control the lighting manually or via scheduling. Enjoy the convenience of smart lighting control while saving energy costs.

Shutters, blinds, awnings

Manually control blinds and shading with a push-button, smart via the everHome app and automatically with planning taking into account sunrise and sunset.

Heating control

Allow everHome to optimally control the comfort temperature for every room in your home and save energy costs by cost-effectively heating.


Monitor the home with smoke detectors and motion detectors, secure doors and windows with closing contacts, automate your blinds control - let's inform you about dangers when you're away from home. Control your home anytime, anywhere with the everHome app.

Smoke detectors, window/door contacts, make contacts, motion detectors, gongs, light sensors, twilight sensors, tilt sensors, water detectors, voltage sensors, IP cameras.


Use your SmartPhone to let everHome know who's at home.

Voice control

Use Amazon Echo and the free everHome Smart Home Skill to control devices and activate scenes with Alexa devices.

Use Google Home to control devices and enable scenes with Google Assistant.


Depending on the selected everHome package, different manufacturers are available for device selection. Set up everHome according to your personal wishes. Modular, flexible and expandable. How to turn your home into a SmartHome with everHome.


Start with the Getting started and make your home or apartment a SmartHome.

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